Adolescent combination


Trio of Elixirs

To accompany an adolescent during his/her blossoming period and to offer a support during the period of transition, to soften the transformation from child to adult and make a more conscious and serene transition. To help the adolescent find his/her balance in a period of life when their hormones wreak havoc and emotions are flying all over the place, to help the young person find his true personality and his true path in life.

  • Isis & Osiris Elixir

  • Hathor Elixir

  • Quan Yin Elixir


Isis & Osiris Elixir

To accompany the adolescent during the awakening of sexual energy and help them channel this force of life, to let go of insecurities and temper mood swings due to hormonal fluctuations and establish balance between masculine and feminine energies.

Hathor Elixir

To allow young adolescents to stay true to themselves in a period of life where there are many opportunities to get influenced or lead astray by external influences, to experience a joyful youth free from worry. To have the courage to be themselves, without shame or fear of judgment.

Quan Yin Elixir

Quan Yin : To allow the young person to let go of the importance and the place their parents took up in life and develop the courage to start building a life on their own terms. To allow them to be free of any attachment to the opinion of their pairs and choose a path in life that corresponds to who they are at the core, without wanting to please or conform to other people’s expectations.

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