Autumn combination


Trio of elixirs

To experience autumn in an optimal way by synchronising ourselves with the dynamic of the season.

  • Isis & Osiris Elixir

  • Quan Yin Elixir

  • Hathor Elixir


Isis & Osiris Elixir

To consolidate the balance between masculine and feminine energy inside of us at the moment of the equinox and accept the existence of our shadow as well as our light. To facilitate the transition from an active dynamic to a state of rest and introspection.

Quan Yin Elixir

To strengthen the dialogue with our soul, to allow us to review our life and let go of the “dead leaves” of our life (the energies and habits that don’t support our growth) before entering into winter.

Hathor Elixir

To help us absorb the light of summer and keep our inner flame burning all throughout winter so that it can light our way when the light on the outside wanes.

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