Break-up combination


Trio of elixirs

To offer support after a painful break-up and to allow us to stay centred and not lose ourselves in someone else’s energy or in melancholia. To heal wounds of abandonment, rejection, betrayal or other injuries the heart sustained and to allow us to come back into the heart space and confidently open our hearts to other people again.

  • Yeshua Elixir

  • Mary Elixir

  • Quan Yin Elixir


Yeshua Elixir

To heal the heart, the « first aid » elixir after a break-up.

Mary Elixir

To purify and cleanse the emotional and physical body of all chaotic emotions and allow us to express our hurt and suffering with the intention of evacuating and letting go of sadness and anger. To find a just, calm and easy way to express our emotions and thoughts without intending to hurt or attack other people. To purify the memory of the other person that is contained within our cells and that lingers in our physical body.

Quan Yin Elixir

Quan Yin : To dissolve all ties and emotional dependence on the person that exited our life, to keep the pleasant memories and the love that existed between us alive, while purifying unpleasant or painful memories that are attached to the memory of a particular person. To find inner and outer peace with the other party after a break-up, to be able to forgive for hurt feelings and have good intentions towards all people that were part of our lives at any given moment.

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