Let go of a loved one combination


Trio of Elixirs 

To accompany a person throughout the mourning process following the passing of a loved one. To allow the person to transform their sadness and grief en preserve the good memories shared together. To find hope and the will to live and find a new place for the memory of the loved one in their lives.

  • Yeshua Elixir

  • Mary Elixir

  • Quan Yin Elixir


Yeshua Elixir

To heal the heart. To savour the good memories you shared with a person and the joy of the time spent together without having to remember the pain of the loss each time. To place the memory of the other person in our heart.

Mary Elixir

To allow yourself to express your sadness and hurt, to allow the pain to find an exit by sharing it or by finding a way to express your pain with other people. To let your tears and words flow freely.

Quan Yin Elixir

To allow a person in mourning to let the soul of a deceased loved one move on to the next life without holding them back. To keep the love that existed between two people alive and to help the connection evolve from a connection in the material world to a connection in the spiritual world.

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