Life Change combination


Trio of Elixirs

To accompany people that are going through big changes in life or that are preparing to do so. To help you let go of your old way of functioning and move on without taking the weight of the past with you.

  • Anna Elixir

  • Horus Elixir

  • Quan Yin Elixir


Anna Elixir

To stay grounded throughout the movement, to prevent you from losing yourself while powerful changes operate in your life. To have the strength and the courage to persevere and follow up on your passions. To find your pillar of strength inside of you when everything around you seems unstable and you feel like you’re losing your ground.

Horus Elixir

To facilitate listening to your intuition at each new step in life, to perceive the path ahead and see beyond the obstacles created by your current circumstances. To be able to take decisions that correspond to your strengths, in stead of letting your choices get influenced by your fears, to see and perceive beyond what you are used to perceiving and develop new ways to handle and see certain situations.

Quand Yin Elixir

To accompany you throughout the grieving process  of your old life and your old self. To let go of the attachement created to certain people, possessions or habits that correspond to your past self. To leave the heaviness of the past behind and go forth with lightness of heart and start a new chaptre in life with renewed energy.

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