Performance combination


Trio of elixirs

For people who need a boost during a period where they need to perform, where the workload increases, they face important deadlines or they are faced with ambitious projects and they need to focus all of their attention and energy on a specific goal.

  • Hathor Elixir

  • Mary Elixir

  • Horus Elixir


Hathor Elixir

To allow you to trust in the positive outcome of your actions, to keep a positive attitude in regards to your different projects, to help you persevere and follow through with your dreams and help you keep the faith.

Mary Elixir

To facilitate communication, to bring flow into your words and help you carry a message in a convincing and authentic way. To bring harmony and inspiration into the way you communicate, help you communicate with self-assuredness in spoken and written word. To be the best spokesperson you can be for your ideas, dreams and projects and attract the right to people to facilitate their existence.

Horus Elixir

To boost your concentration, to stimulate your intellectual capacities and reach creative solutions, outside of the beaten path, to innovate, optimise your work process, make informed and intelligent decisions and bring clarity into your thoughts and structure into the way you organise your projects.

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