Quan Yin Elixir


Aromatic symphony

Meet Quan Yin, she who reminds you of your purest self, who sees beyond your shape, who touches your soul. She helps you peel away the layers, one by one, as if she passed you through a sieve and only your essence remained in the end. It is she that accompanies you through this elixir…

Size: 6ml – 0.2oz / 9ml – 0.3oz
Composants: Salvia sclarea, jasminum grandiflorum, nymphaea caerulea, rosa damascena, matricaria recutita


Meet Quan Yin

Quan Yin is the bodhisattva of compassion, her name means “she who hears the sounds of the world” in Chinese, she is a buddhist divinity who represents a being that is beyond the ego and the human persona and who helps us act from a soul-perspective instead of role perspective. Her cristalline energy springs directly from the source of all of existence, she creates a bridge between the abyss that separates us from divine consciousness. She is pure energy, stripped naked from all obstacles or shadow that could dim her light.

She represents a being that is entirely reconnected to its divine state of being whose creations are all sacred as a result. She rises above all hardship, like a Lotus flower rising above the mud, exquisite and pure in all circumstances. She is elevation for she light as the air that surrounds her, untouched by the heaviness of life and perfectly balanced at all times. She is like a jewel beyond time and space, a pearl that has patiently formed over many centuries and over the course of several incarnations, or a diamond that endured thousands of years of intense pressure and transformations to filter out the impurities. She is completion and perfection, the full circle, divine essence. Like a rainbow prism she is white light that can change shape or colour as she wishes, she is divine consciousness that entirely masters her destiny.

The Quan Yin Elixir

offers support for

Be free from attachment

For people that wish to be free from all attachment to material goods and who wish to attach less importance to the events of life. For people who wish to feel lighter physically and energetically.

Free yourself from dogma

For people that encounter difficulties in letting go of certain limiting belief systems or that wish to be free of all dogma, conditioning or limiting structures, that want to be able to accept and welcome everything that comes their way.

Purity of Being

For purity of intention and thought. If you want to be crystal clear in your exchanges with others, interact and support them without wrongly intervening on their path or intentionally influencing them. Beneficial for people that have a hard time forgiving.

Master time

Helps you to live in the present moment and savour every instant, without feeling like life is passing you by or needing to project yourself into the future. Helps to access past life memories and information that is present in other time-spaces.

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