Sacred Union combination


Trio of elixirs

For couples who are preparing their sacred union or newly weds, to help them base their union on unconditional love and mutual respect. To help them achieve equality in the exchanges between them, to make the couple into a crucible for their mutual evolution and make sure their union is a source of joy, abundance and personal growth.

  • Yeshua Elixir

  • Isis & Osiris Elixir

  • Source Elixir


Yeshua Elixir

To open the hearts of the two lovers even more, to make sure their union is rooted in the heart. To facilitate a loving and kind communication within the couple and make sure love is the essence of the couple. To practice unconditional love, free from attachments or expectations.

Isis & Osiris Elixir

To find balance between masculine and feminine energy within the relationship, so that both people can find their place inside of their union and contribute in an equal way to the evolution of the couple. To experience a joyful and fulfilling sexuality.

The Source Elixir

To ensure that the union of the two individuals elevates them and opens them up to new perspectives and opens new windows upon the world. To make sure their union brings them abundance and flow to their mutual projects and their couple can function as a launch platform and offer support for both individuals. To help the couple unite body, spirit and soul.

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