Summer combination


Trio of elixirs

To experience Summer in an optimal way by synchronising ourselves with the dynamic of the season.

  • Hathor Elixir

  • Yeshua Elixir

  • Source Elixir


Hathor elixir

Let our solar personality emerge, allow ourselves to shine, and show ourselves as we are. To give free rein to our creativity and dare to take risks confidently.

Yeshua elixir

To enable us to meet new people, to have harmony in our human relationships, to attract people who are part of our tribe, to have enriching exchanges with kindred spirits, to weave new and abundant links both professionally and in our private lives.

Source elixir

To integrate the energy of abundance that is present during the summer months and to invite it into all areas of our lives. To dare to share our inner wealth with the world and to dare to see further and aim higher in our life projects, to have confidence in life, in the universe, and in the magic of life.

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