Traveller combination


Trio of Elixirs

To experience in an optimal way by synchronising with the dynamic of travelling.

  • Anna Elixir

  • Mary Elixir

  • Merlin Elixir


Anna Elixir

To stay grounded in diverse circumstances and adapt more easily to the energy of different lands and different places along the way. To find stability on the inside and preserve your health in spite of multiple rapid changes in diet and climate, etc. To stimulate strength and physical stamina.

Mary Elixir

To stay in the flow and adapt to constant movement, to allow the physical and energetic body to be cleansed of energies that have been absorbed along the way and that pollute your system. To express yourself more easily across the boundaries of language or culture. To allow yourself to unwind and discharge the excess of impressions to avoid saturation.

Merlin Elixir

To always stay open to new discoveries and keep a healthy curiosity. To see reality with lucidity and be aware of the good and the bas, accept reality in its totality and put your experiences into perspective. To invite the magical into your travels and leave space for spontaneity and surprises. To let yourself be guided by Merlin, the great guide of travellers, so he can help you make a connection with the soul and the guides of the places you visit.

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