Winter combination


Trio of Elixirs

To experience winter in an optimal way by synchronising with the dynamic of the season.

  • Anna Elixir

  • Merlin Elixir

  • Source Elixir


Anna Elixir

To give us an energy boost and stimulate our life force to enable us to function normally in a period when our vitality naturally decreases. To allow ourselves to take time out to allow our bodies, minds and souls to recharge and rest, to take a break before the start of spring.

Merlin Elixir

To allow you to dive deep within yourself, take the time to enter into a dialogue with your soul and expand your self-knowledge, invite a time of reflection, meditation and introspection to cultivate your wisdom and learn how to listen to your inner voice and stimulate your intuition.

The Source Elixir

To tap into the full potential of your spirit and soul, to move closer to the divine during the dark period of the year and take the time to strengthen your dialogue with the invisible world.

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