Anna Elixir


Aromatic symphony

Meet Anna, the shaman who communicates with animals, with the elements, who travel beyond space and time, and who synchronized the beating of her own heart with the rhythm of the earth. She who talks to you when you lend your ear to the earth is she who accompanies you through this elixir…

Composants: Picea rubens, pinus strobus, cedrus atlantica, rosa damascena, commiphora myrrha


The Anna Elixir

offers support for

Return to essence

For people who tend to loose theirselves in futile details and that have difficulty defining their priorities. Helps you to centre when you are troubled or in case of irrational fears (hypochondria for example), helps to let go of fear of death and phobias. Beneficial to regain inner calm and serenity if you’re going through a period of great instability or an emotional shock.

Increase your vital energy

Improves the blood circulation and helps to regain vital life force in periods when you feel constantly tired or lack energy. Beneficial in periods of great activity or during periods of big transitions and transformations

Accept your incarnation

Transform and let go of the weight of previous incarnations and of your ancestry and integrate the karmic information you need to be fully yourself. Beneficial for people that have problems in their family, that need to detach from the burdens of the past or whose family histories are troubled.


Helps you to feel good in any kind of situation or environment, reconnect to the earth, be fully present and undisturbed all of the time because Anna will help you be firmly anchored. Beneficial to people that tend to float or escape into an imaginary world and that have difficulty dealing with more “earthy” matters or for people that travel a lot.

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