Horus Mala

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The mala is performed in meditation and under the guidance of the corresponding Pravaha Elixir.

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Horus Elixir


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Virtues of the stones

Eye of hawk: The eye of hawk is a stone associated with the vision as well as the physical as spiritual plan. It invites us to see more clearly, to take height. It invites tolerance and openness. It is a stone of clairvoyance.

Tourmaline quartz: Tourmaline quartz combines the virtues of two stones: quartz and black tourmaline. It reminds us that seeing clearly requires staying grounded! Quartz is an energy field amplifier and tourmaline promotes the connection to the Earth.

Lapis-Lazuli: Are you denying your sovereignty? Where do you feel trapped? This stone was used by the Egyptian gods and pharaohs to remind them that their power came from the Divine, from the divinity within them.

The associated mantra: I rise.

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