Avalon Mala

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The mala is performed in meditation and under the guidance of the corresponding Pravaha Elixir.

  • Avalon Elixir

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Virtues of the stones

Sodalite: Sodalite will support your passage from mind to heart. It will help you to calm the mind and to let it collaborate with your intuition. It will open you to the analysis of synchronicities in your life. It encourages you to become faithful and loyal to yourself, to stop lying to yourself and showing your masks. It connects you to who you really are, to your life mission. It helps you to allow yourself to live it, whatever it may be.

Amazonite: Amazonite invites you to free yourself from your patterns and fears that prevent you from living your path of light. It invites you to let go of the mask you have created for yourself and discover the true person you are, far from the stories you tell yourself. See all the facets of water, solid, liquid, gaseous, calm, agitated, torrential… It is always water, and one of these states does not take away from the others. They can all coexist under the same identity!

Rose Quartz: Love, The Rose. Gentleness, compassion. I slow down, I breathe. I centre myself in my heart. I alchemize and transcend the negative by giving myself love. I stop looking outside for what is already there inside.

The associated mantra: I create my life from the consciousness of the heart

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