Each piece is unique, created as a tribute to the beautiful and bewitching Rose.
Pleated fabrics, soft or deep colours, and materials in harmony. An ode to femininity, both powerful and delicate. Mysterious…

A pouch with a central space and 12 compartments all around for elixir bottles (5 or 10 ml), so that it is possible to arrange 12 bottles in it and more to the centre.

Arrange all the elixirs in the centre and draw from them.

This little bag closes with a cotton drawstring and ends with pretty brass charms.

This makes it a delicate pouch, beautifully pleated when closed, and very useful for transporting your precious items with you, while protecting them.

* SIZE *
( approximate – when filled )

Height: 14 cm
Width : 14 cm
Diameter : 42 cm.


Hand wash with warm water and soft soap.
Do not use tumble dryer

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