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Aromatic symphony

Meet Joseph, a man who is aligned with a higher truth, a guide, and mentor who serves beauty and divinity in this world. The masculine in its purest and most divine expression.

Size: 6ml – 0.2oz / 9ml – 0.3oz
Composants: Picea pungens, litsea cubeba, cedrus deodara, bulnesia sarmientoi, vetiveria zizanioides, ocimum sanctum


Who is Joseph?

Joseph was inspired by two Josephs, both enigmatic and mysterious men, whose importance was forgotten over the course of history…

The first one is Saint Joseph, a man who was said to be from David’s lineage (king of Israel), husband of Mary with whom he welcomed the baby Jesus into this world. Thanks to his care he helped his son become the man that would leave a permanent imprint upon this earth and in the hearts of humanity.

A man who was thought to have had a humble existence as a carpenter, because of the interpretation given to the Greek word “Tekton”, this same word also meaning “craftsman”, “wise man”, “master builder”, “craftsman of stones and metals” (alchemist?)…

Certainly, the community into which Jesus was born, that had been carefully preparing for his incarnation for generations by initiating Anna, his grand-mother and by initiating and preparing Mary, his mother, would have also carefully selected and prepared the father.

Without a doubt Joseph was a wise man and it is highly likely he received initiations preparing him for the momentous task of being Jesus’ father.
Joseph was the masculine foundation during Jesus’ formative years. He offered his support and created a stable and inspiring environment that allowed his child to grow and take the place that was his. Joseph represents a tranquil strength, the father devoted to the well-being of his child.

Joseph of Arimathea

The second Joseph is Joseph of Arimathea, uncle of Jesus. Respected member of the Sanhedrin (the legal council and high tribunal of Israel), he was a secret disciple of Jesus and played a crucial role in Jesus’ life and the distribution of the Essene and Christian teachings. As a rich tradesman he had the means to travel and allow other members of his community to travel also. This is how he allowed Jesus to receive teachings and initiations from most of the ancestral mystery traditions in different parts of the world.

Joseph of Arimathea was the man who took Jesus’ body off the cross and who organised his inhumation. After Jesus’ death he also accompanied Mary Magdalene to the south of France to bring her to safety and he accompanied her to the British isles after years in France to allow her to settle there. Joseph is intimately connected to the Grail legend, because he is thought to have brought the vessels containing the blood and water of Christ to Glastonbury, where he built the first temple.

Both men represent the divine masculine, the man in his role of support, of advisor and teacher, who provides a solid foundation, the supporting and reassuring energy that is necessary for any growth process. A man who uses his strength and earthly skills to nourish and cultivate life, to be of service to the greater good. A man in the perfect and divine expression of his masculine energy.

The Joseph Elixir

offers support for

Reconnection to the Divine Masculine in this world

For men and women who wish to resuscitate the divine masculine in this world, which is the polar opposite of the patriarchal expression of masculinity. For people who want to undertake responsible actions, support the beautiful and the sacred in this world.

Reconnection to the divine masculine within

For men who wish to (re)connect to the energy and the frequency of the divine masculine. “Joseph” allows you to recognise and express a powerful, aligned and just masculine presence.

For women who need to heal from wounds regarding the masculine

and who wish to welcome masculine energy once more in their lives and in their being.

Need for support

« Joseph » offers a reassuring and structuring energy, a base of support, a foundation on which to rely while you (re)build yourself.

Guides, People who offer selfless service

For people who wish to be of support to a person, a group of people, a community, and guide and mentor others without creating a power imbalance. « Joseph » helps position yourself in relationships where you are of support

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  1. Patrick Aillet

    Chaque matin, dès que je dépose quelques gouttes de Joseph sur mes deux poignets je sens une énergie bienveillante m’accompagner ; cela fait maintenant plus d’une année que j’ai découvert cet élixir et je le retrouve avec Joie chaque matin. de plus, mon entourage aime ses effluves!

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