Avalon Elixir


Aromatic symphony

Avalon reconnects us to the energy and the consciousness of the garden of Eden, this abundantly diverse and rich garden in which all beings have their purpose and place, where creativity knows no boundaries and life expresses itself in an infinite range of colors and perfumes. It is the meeting place of different dimensions, a space without boundaries where every manifestation of reality is a direct consequence of an emission of consciousness.

Size: 6ml – 0.2oz / 9ml – 0.3oz
Composants: Cinnamomum camphora CT linalol, thymus mastichina, ocimum basilicum, rosmarinus officinalis, araucaria heterophylla


Path to Avalon

This elixir captures and translates the energy of the isle of Avalon, the invisible and etheric side of Glastonbury, the realm that lies beyond the limitations we have created because of our conditioning. This elixir reminds us of the unity between all different dimensions and helps us believe in the possibility of a life without separation, where the different worlds constantly interact and mutually enrich each other. Avalon is the promise of a realm beyond time and space, no longer answering to the rules or limitations of the material world, only abiding to the law of the heart.

The Avalon elixir allows us to access the information that is present in the invisible part of different places, allows us to see beyond the mists of limited perception. Avalon is a preview of what the world will look like when we have learned to live from the heart and when we have started building our world from heart consciousness. It is the vision of a world that magic is an inherent part of, where the balance between masculine and feminine energies is a given, there is natural flow in life and creative freedom is abundant.

The Avalon Elixir

offers support for

Further explore one of the aspects of Avalon

For people who resonate strongly with one of the aspects of the history of Avalon and who wish to deepen their connection to it: the legend of King Arthur and the lady of the lake, the realm of the elementals, the energy of the holy family and the Essenes, the druid transmissions and traditions, priestess memories, etc.

Connect to Avalon

For people who wish to strengthen their connection to Glastonbury, who wish to facilitate distant connection and keep their link alive and active.

Refine your connections to invisible worlds

For people who wish to develop and fine-tune their connection to the invisible world, who wish to develop their capacity of connecting to the soul and spirit of different places and receive and perceive the information contained in those places.

Create with a new consciousness

For people wo believe in a world where there are no longer any boundaries, gate keepers and light workers who actively create the world of tomorrow, aligned with a new consciousness.

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