Virtues of stones

Apatite: The apatite lifts the veil. Stone associated with the 3rd eye, it allows you to access another version of your reality. It also invites you to express it in matter. It invites you to deep meditation and to manifest your guidance in matter. It connects you to your source frequency.

Aqua-aura: Aqua-aura quartz is a stone of purification. It also represents the Immaculate Conception. It is therefore a stone of spiritual realisation. This stone invites us to have faith and confidence in ourselves. It invites us to be proud of who we are and our values and guides us to wear our crown with humility.

Selenite: Selenite invites you to occupy with your own light the space of your sacred centre, your heart. It is a reminder that you too can be a source of light.

Associated mantra: I allow myself to express my values. 

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