Noce Alchimique d’Isis & Osiris

Meet Isis & Osiris, one the mirror image of the other, the two poles of existence whose encounter makes all walls and borders crumble and takes us beyond the limitations of duality. Without tiring, they keep building bridges between them, while their souls are woven together until they blend into one sacred union. They invite you to witness their sacred dance as they guide you through this elixir…

Clarté d’Horus

Meet Horus, the accomplished being who helps seekers of truth take flight and see beyond the confines of chaos, he who navigates the skies and sears above the highest summits while protecting the earth, he who help you elevate your mind and body is the one who accompanies you through this elixir…

Awakening of Buddha

The soul that is born from the cosmic egg, the bodhisattva consciousness, a constant state of grace. This is elixir was born on 11/09 with the intention of offering a counterweight to the powerful egregore of fear and hate that was created on 11/09/2001.

The Embrace of Joseph

Meet Joseph, a man who is aligned with a higher truth, a guide, and a mentor who serves beauty and divinity in this world. The masculine in its purest and most divine expression.

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