Hathor Elixir


Aromatic symphony

Meet Hathor, the goddess who chases away the clouds with her bright smile, who showers the world with her golden light and who warms the hearts of people when her song calls forth the sun. She who opens her arms to you and who offers consolation when you need a little kindness, is she who guides you through this elixir…

Size: 6ml – 0.2oz / 9ml – 0.3oz
Composants: Citrus sinensis, laurus nobilis, boswellia carterii, vanilla planifolia, citrus aurantium ssp aurantium


Meet Hathor

Hathor, which means mansion of Horus, is an Egyptian goddess who personifies the principles of joy, feminine love, and motherhood. She is in many ways a representation of the feminine, of feminine energy in its sublimated form.

The goddess Hathor was the wife of Horus and was at times seen as the daughter or mother of the sun-god Ra. In her relation to Ra and her relation to Horus, it becomes clear that she is a sun goddess. She was also referred to as the “mistress of the west”, the place in which the sun goes to sleep or the home of the sun. Many of her characteristics and attributes are associated with the sun: she literally has a “sunny” personality, bringing joy to the houses of those who worship her, which explains her popularity throughout Egypt.

Hathor is often associated with another cow goddess, “Bat”, and the two of them co-existed for a while, until the symbology of the goddess “Bat” was absorbed by Hathor. From that point on, the goddess Hathor also represented and influenced the solar personality (the Egyptian “Ba” meaning personality, the aspect of ourselves that differentiates us from others), helping people assume and express their true selves. She helps us look on the bright side of life and see the beauty in the world and every living being. She helps us pierce the ugliness and uncover the beauty underneath by opening our hearts to unconditional love.

Hathor’s symbols

  • The sun disk and all representations of the sun
  • Menat necklace
  • Papyrus (because of her association with the Nile River and with art and creativity)
  • Sistrum (Egyptian musical instrument in the shape of an Ankh)
  • Yellow precious stones and metals such as citrine, amber and gold
  • The soul of Hathor can be felt in the softness of the river Nile and all fertile rivers that give life to the earth
  • The spirit of Hathor lives on in the creations of artists, in the innocent laughter of children or the joy to take care of another person

The Hathor Elixir

offers support for

Be in the non-judgment

Helps treat yourself with kindness and see the beauty within yourself and all around yourself. Beneficial for people who have low self-esteem, who have negative thoughts towards others or who have difficulty seeing the beauty in the world.

Develop a solar personality

Offers support to people that want to radiate their inner truth, live authentically and fully express and embody their true selves. Helps reconnect to joy, develop your creativity and take your rightful place in the collective. Beneficial for people that have a “public” personality or that want to get a message across.

Heal the wounds of the ego

Helps heal an injured sense of self-worth, helps overcome childhood trauma and the fear of rejection, loneliness or the fear of getting hurt. Beneficial for people that have a hard time asserting themselves or assume their values

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Beneficial for people that are transitioning to a new diet or that want to adopt healthier eating habits. Beneficial for people that want to adopt a lifestyle that is more coherent with their hearts and that supports good physical and mental health.

People who work in the care setting

Elixir helps maintain energy when caring for others and provides energy support during care. Beneficial for anyone working in the field of health or in the accompaniment of people.

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