6-facet zome (12cm)


Discover our 6-facet Zome, a unique centrepiece that combines geometric elegance and functionality.

With a diameter of 12 cm and a height of 11 cm, this zome is designed to harmonise and magnify the space around it.

Able to hold up to 14 elixirs of 6 ml, it offers an aesthetic, protective and vibrational storage solution for your precious flasks.

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The zome is a structure that combines elements of geodesic domes and polyhedra, linked to the golden ratio and illustrating sacred geometry and its presence in all living things. The term “zome” comes from the combination of the words “zonal” and “dome”. A zome is constructed from prisms that extend in a radial arrangement, creating a structure that is solid and aesthetically pleasing, yet deeply rooted in the principles of sacred geometry. It is a resonance with the living, capable of raising the vibratory level of its environment.

Yin energy: Even zomes are associated with a softer energy. This means they have a more subtle and calming effect on the environment, making them ideal for living spaces where relaxation and well-being are sought.

Yang Energy: Odd zomes, on the other hand, are described as having a stronger, more dynamic energy. This makes them suitable for stimulating activity, creativity, or meditation, offering support to those seeking to energise their spiritual or creative practice.

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