Full Moon combination

Original price was: $147 – $180.Current price is: $99 – $120.

With each Full Moon, we offer a selection of three elixirs designed to align and balance the soul, heart, and spirit with the current energy.

SPECIAL PRICE: 3 for the price of 2

Here are the three elixirs from the last Full Moon.

  • Source Elixir

  • Merlin Elixir

  • Quan Yin Elixir



Source is an elixir that embodies rebirth and renewal. It invites the drinker to delve into the depths of their being to find new strength and tranquility. This elixir boosts self-confidence and optimism, encouraging the embrace of change and new beginnings with calmness and certainty. It reminds us that every moment is an opportunity to reconnect with our essence and realign our actions with our true nature.


Merlin brings a magical and unexpected dimension to personal transformation. This elixir awakens curiosity and openness to the unexpected possibilities of life. It symbolizes the ability to navigate life with flexibility and adaptability, ready to welcome the hidden lessons behind each experience. Merlin also promotes healing, particularly by facilitating self-expression and offering new perspectives to overcome challenges.

Quan Yin

Quan Yin is the elixir of compassion and kindness. It encourages the cultivation of empathy and gentleness towards oneself and others. This elixir inspires the practice of patience and listening, highlighting the importance of acceptance and forgiveness on the path to inner healing. Quan Yin guides towards inner peace, helping to release tensions and resistances to fully embrace life’s flow with love and gratitude.

Each of these elixirs, Source, Merlin, and Quan Yin, brings a unique and complementary dimension to the journey of personal growth, suggesting a path of evolution that moves from self-discovery and renewal (Source), through magical openness to life’s manifold possibilities (Merlin), to embodying universal compassion and kindness (Quan Yin).

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