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Myrrophore means “mistress of the oils”, a woman skilled in the art of healing with sacred oils, initiated into the inner mysteries of sacred anointment rituals and embalming rites. A myrrophore is different from an aromatherapist or aromachologist, she knows the personality of the oils she works with, she communicates with the plants and essences she uses, connects to their spirit and soul. A myrrophore heals the soul and accompanies the great moments of transition in a person’s life by finding the right essence to accompany any process of rebirth (healing from illness, any great transition or liberation can be seen as a moment of rebirth). The accent is not on the clinical properties of the plant, but on its spiritual essence and its ability to lift the spirit or energy of a person and align them with their soul’s purpose. The oil is used to open doors that the person is unable to open by themselves and accompany them across the threshold (of change, of death, of healing, …)

Ofcourse any use of oil will have an effect on the emotional and physical body, but the myrrophore’s domain is that of the soul. When she heals the soul, the medicine automatically trickles down to the energy body and the physical body.

The art of healing with sacred oils is said to have come from Ancient Egypt where oils and plant essences were some of the most sacred offerings to the gods. Famously, the walls of the great temple of Dendera, dedicated to the goddess Hathor, contain some of the most ancient recipes of essential oils and manuals for plant distillation. The priests and priestesses of Hathor were highly skilled in the art of healing with plant essences as an important part of their initiation into Egyptian High Alchemy. They would also use certain essences and essential oils to induce trance-like states to access invisible wisdom, have premonitions and visions and expand their consciousness.

Some of the most well known myrrophores were Mary and Mary Magdalene who embalmed Jesus’ body after his death and prepared his physical vessel for healing and rebirth.

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