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Sacred Arts

In the silent abyss of eons gone by,
Where echoes of light sing the divine,
Sacred arts dance, spirits’ tender sigh,
Painting truths where souls intertwine.

From ethereal frescoes that touch the sky,
To melodies that greet the morning’s shine,
They evoke a world, distant and nigh,
A realm of wonder, dream’s sacred line.

Soul’s Perfumes

In the gentle breath of a forgotten world,
Fragrances rise, memories of yesteryear.
Echoes of ancient tales, softly unfurled,
They weave bridges between heaven and here.

As incense ascends, in twirls it swirled,
Each scented note is a whispered prayer.
Bound to the mysterious cosmos, pearls pearled,
Awakening dreams, clear beyond compare.


With the rhythm of a heartbeat’s song,
Rituals mark both time and place.
Each gesture, each word, a sacred gong,
Inviting the soul to embrace grace.

In this hallowed dance, where all belong,
Alchemy works its delicate trace.
For in ritual, every moment is strong,
Reflecting life’s joyous, luminous face.

May these words transport, in search of the magic,
Through arts, scents, and age-old rites.
For in their essence, life’s tapestry is tragic,
An eternal journey, soaring to heights.

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