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The Elixirs can accompany important moments of transition in the journey of life and of the soul. One of these important transitions is the initiation of physical death. If you are accompanying a person during this important moment in time and you wish to facilitate and accompany their transition with the Elixirs, this is possible, but you can’t just use any Elixir.

You can use:

  • Quan Yin: This Elixir strengthens the connection of the person with their soul, with their spiritual essence. The Elixir can help comfort the person and reassure them when they are afraid of going through the transition and helps them to detach from their material goods. Quan Yin helps to appease regrets, anxieties, grudges that the person was holding on to and evacuate emotions that block or disrupt a peaceful passing.
  • Source: For people who are at peace with their passing and who feel ready to pass on to another space and time. Source reconnects a person with their point of origin, with the divine and helps them feel comfortable.  Source envelops the person in a reassuring and warm bubble, as if they were already in the arms of the divine.
    You can equally use Source after the passing to anoint the body in a sacred ritual: you can apply a drop of this elixir on the feet, the inside of the hands, the heart chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra.

The other Elixirs are best avoided as they will pull the person back into their body, which can upset the transition process. The ONLY exception is when the person has a strong connection to one of the guides of the other elixirs. Say the person feels for example very close to Mary or Jesus. In this case you can use the elixir to invoke the presence of the guide BUT you’ll always use Quan Yin alongside any other elixir.

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