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The essence of pine is present in the elixirs of Anna, Horus and Source. The following poem captures perfectly the spirit of the pine tree and the well-being that being near pine trees can procure:

“Amongst the junipers and pines,
On a dusty red rock gardened slope,
Where the billions of natures’ creatures and I sit;
There, in the pristine silence, I hear all.

I see the bustle of a universe and its creatures
Hithertofore unnoticed by human eye,
Scampering about in a world of their own,
Graciously oblivious to all but the timbers and the slope.

I hear the breath of nature;
Mother Earth inhaling and exhaling her love
For all life;
Her wind whispering in my ear.
Attuned to the echo of the Universe,
Its rhythmic hum pulsating through my being,
I too become one with its vibration,
I am still

I feel the peace of heaven on this earth
I see that we are all one with another
All intertwined in the fabric of life.
On this slope amongst the junipers and pines.
I know God~Goddess”

– Robert J. Schout

– Photo by Mike Wilson

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