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2020 is the year the lotus, a year of purity and clarity, where we are asked to commit unconditionally to our soul’s path and bring clarity to everything that is ambiguous or unclear or let go when this is not possible. We will have to focus on what is really important to us, not allow ourselves to be sidetracked in activities or projects that don’t correspond to our highest truth and be uncompromising when it comes to our values and integrity, in which case 2020 will be an incredibly elevating year in which our soul soars to new heights and we access new insights and wisdom. (read the full article on the energy of 2020 here )

The Elixir to help us integrate this state of purity is the Quan Yin elixir, the goddess in the lotus. She represents a being that is fully reconnected to its divine essence, whose creations are sacred because they flow directly from source. In her purity she is elevated above all difficulties, like a lotus flower that grows in the mud, she is exquisite and pure in all circumstances. She shows us that our state of being doesn’t depend on what happens around us, but on the quality of light we cultivate within.

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