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Anna is the mother of Mary and the grandmother of Jesus. Her name “Anna” means “I am” in Arabic and comes from the Hebrew Hanna, which means “grace”. As a person and as a symbol she represents the great matriarch of humanity, the foundation of the family, the wise woman that protects and guards her tribe. She is the wild woman whose breath is as powerful as the wind, whose bones are as dense as the minerals buried within the many layers of earth and whose blood flows like the rivers and oceans of this planet. She is the wise woman who carries within her cells, and hides within her voids, the history of this planet, the secrets of ancient civilisations, the memory of the birth of oceans and mountains. She represents the grandmother figure that holds an important place in the traditions of many indigenous tribes throughout the world, which means she carries many different names and different faces throughout the different cultures that honour her existence…

Besides being the grandmother of Jesus, she also represents Pachamama, mother nature, the earth mother whose faith we all share, who gives life to all of humanity and who connects all of earth’s creatures together into one great family. Anna talks to the earth as she would to a sister. She recognises pachamama’s voice in the change of the seasons, the singing of the birds, the humming of the earth, the waves of the ocean, … Independently of her gender, she represents the guardian of ancient knowledge, the ancestors, the teacher who passes on wisdom, secrets and mysteries carefully guarded by previous generations and who teaches us how to live in harmony and abundance on this earth.

In Christian tradition Anna is known as Saint Anne, the protector of seafarers, and important shrines dedicated to her can be found in Saint Anne d’Auray in Brittany (a region of seafarers) and Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré in the Montréal region in Québec, Canada. Anna is a mysterious figure, not much is known about her, and there is much debate to whether she is the same person as Anna the prophetess who predicts the impact of Jesus’s life in the temple of Jerusalem. This much is sure: Anna was a wise, strong and visionary woman, with a deeply spiritual connection and profound earthly wisdom who was knowledgeable and inspired enough to foresee the birth of a sacred lineage through her daughter Mary and her grandchild Jesus, teaching and preparing them, as well as the people accompanying them, to fulfil their sacred missions to open the hearts of mankind and prepare humanity to reconnect with the divine.